WITT- OXYPAD – Modified Atmosphere Packaging Innovation-Product Release

OXYPAD – The new WITT class  https://www.mitech.nz/our-partner-brands/

With our new Oxypad, WITT offers you a new device class for the quality control of modified atmosphere packaging. As a true 2-in-1 solution, you get a high-quality tabletop device and a mobile O2/CO2 analyser in one. The innovative design is particularly user-friendly and makes operation quick, easy and safe.

Users benefit from these unique details:
Only WITT hides the tube and needle safely and tidily behind a flap on the front. The high-quality needle pen with twistable needle has been ergonomically optimised and enables particularly precise and safe handling.
The 7″ touch colour display with graphic display of the results is operated intuitively and without time-consuming training.
With its compact design, weight of only about 600 grams and rechargeable battery, the OXYPAD is also your perfect tool for mobile use.



A wide range of interchangeable applicators on the one platform

The Intelligent labeling system
Built with artificial intelligence, the cutting-edge
eTouch-S applicator offers the ability to fully
comply with safety and GS1 standards, without
the need to regulate production throughput, or
disruptive and expensive changes to existing
production methods and/or pack control.

Ability to print and apply at rates over
150 packs per minute regardless of the
data complexity or content.
Dual RISC processors, supported by a
dedicated ultra fast co-processor, deliver
efficient performance.

Take some time view the impressive overview below 





New Mitech Brochure

Check out our new product brochure featured including the following industry leading technologies applicable to large and small operations, exclusively offered by MITech;

  • CoLOS, information management systems
  • POLY tij, Thermal Inkjet Printers
  • Systech, revolutionising brand protection

Markem-Imaje to combine Systech brand protection solutions with its coding products

Systech will become part of Markem-Imaje after being acquired by M-I parent company Dover, and will bring a range of products including its Brand Protection Suite into M-I’s portfolio.

The acquisition of Systech, including its Brand Protection Suite and its e-Fingerprint technology, will help Markem-Imaje meet brand owners’ demands for brand protection and supply chain visibility solutions, as well as consumer demands for safety, security and authenticity, according to Vincent Vanderpoel, president and CEO of Markem-Imaje.

“Systech brings a successful history of protecting pharmaceutical brands and products globally over the past 35 years. We are excited to combine Systech’s solutions with Markem-Imaje’s products, services, and global reach to become a leader in the brand protection market,

New Thermal Transfer Online (TTO) printers from Markem-Imaje. X45 X65

Exciting news from Markem-Imaje with the launch of the new X45 and X65 TTO (Thermal Transfer printers). Check out the informative video and secure your future coding needs with X45 and X65 from MI. Contact Deane at MITech for more information.



Watch this space. But if you are keen to understand how we can help with ensuring you have the maximum availability of your coding and marking equipment get in touch with our tech team to learn how we can help your business with an EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT

Flexible Film Packaging coding and You

Flexible film is becoming the packaging material of choice for food manufacturers and other companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.
When it comes to flexible film coding, companies are turning away from mechanical technologies, like hot stamping and rotary coding, in favor of four digital options which improve traceability and uptime: thermal transfer, continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet and laser.
The challenge for manufacturers is to find the best technology for their application.
This great read especially for food manufacturers see the link for a detailed paper on the rising popularity of flexible film packaging including  an overview of the marking and coding technology options matching this trend.

Flexible Film Packaging coding and You

Dedicated inkjet printer for the beverage industry from Markem-Imaje

YOU WIN, with the 9450 S from Markem-Imaje, This inkjet printer is dedicated to the beverage industry!

Optimize your TCO and operating expenses by up to 30%

Contact Deane at MITech for more details


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Increase your production with MiPlan

Are you worried about downtime on your production lines? speak to MITech about MiPlan

Protect your valued technology investment and secure your cost and production targets by planning ahead with MIPlan maintenance plans.

MITech will work with you to plan efficient maintenance schedules from our extensive data base and the specific factors to ensure maximum production availability. Managed servicing schedules will let you focus on your core activity.

MIPlan schedules can also be customised to meet the needs of your business from weekly visits to your site, to annual inspections and maintenance.

Contact us today to discuss your needs on your coding technologies, and book a visit from our factory trained service team.

We can also help with Staff Training, waste inkjet fluid recovery and disposal.

We love craft beer!

At MITech we love craft brewing. We especially love the product….but MITech can help too with coding and traceability solutions.

If you are involved in the Craft Brewery business sector give Deane a call or contact us via the webpage. He has some great ideas that can help you out. Tell him Andi sent you and mine’s a pint!

In the meantime have a look at the piece from Markem-Imaje below about the growth of craft beer and how our technologies such as inkjet, TIJ and print and apply can help.

Read the article : https://bit.ly/2Gjhi8h

Watch the video – https://bit.ly/2G0RZZa