MITech provides a range a range of gas analyzers from Witt which are fast, precise and multifunctional. The gas analyzers are used as stationary or portable units for sample or continuous gas analysis for almost any gas and application, for example in the food (MAP) or steel industry.

Intuitive and easy handling of the gas analyzers is provided by intelligent operating controls. State-of-the-art sensors and intelligent software solutions guarantee accurate measuring results and secure the quality of your processes.

The WITT range of gas analyzers can be delivered as stand-alone units or integrated in gas mixing systems.

Key reasons to choose WITT Gas Analysis Equipment

  • Intuitive award winning design
  • Versatile and economic
  • In line, portable and desktop ranges available
  • Zirconia measuring cell for precise O2 results in ppm in specific models
  • WITT software is the perfect companion for WITT analyzers for quality control documentation

For a customized gas analyzer solution according to your requirements call us on 0800-MITECH for more information or complete the contact form.

DOWNLOAD: Witt Gas Analysis.pdf