Food Forming

Key Features of K&S GFT / GFW cereal moulding machines:

  • Gentle forming without cutting
  • No waste during production
  • No oil exiting from nut components as no cutting damage occurs
  • Fully automatic production
  • Short changeover times and a large variety of shapes possible
  • Simple and quick cleaning
  • Touch-screen operation and recipe administration
  • Optionally available with baking tray transport system
  • Space-saving equipment
  • Wide range of product shapes possible, partly even 3-D forms
  • All known types of binding agents can be used (sugar, fat, fruit)
Krüger & Salecker; German Innovation – Efficiency – Reliability for a leading range of food forming machines in partnership with MITech for the NZ Market.
Rolling machines for the production of rotationally symmetric products. Hot Fruit Moulding Machines, Figure Moulding Machines. Sprinkling systems.
Featuring Cereal Moulding Machines for cereal or muesli bars, bites, clusters or balls.

Specifically designed to process cereal-based products. Various types of binder agents can be used to form the cereal mix into shape – directly, gently and efficiently – using a moulding station, without any cut and waste. The unique technology offers versatile options of moulding motifs. Due to a very fast changeover time, production can switch from round to rectangular items within minutes. In comparison to a conventional slab former, this product line stands out due to its compact size and intuitive operating interface. The specialized K&S technology permits considerable reduction of binder content so that Health Food products are a target group for this type of machine.