Drop on Demand (DOD) Printers

Key Features 4020

  • Constant, excellent print quality at up to 20mm marking distance.
  • Print speeds up to 90 m/min and heights from 8mm to 64mm
  • Choice of black and color inks for both porous and non-porous substrates: cardboard, coated cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, PVC, wood, concrete
  • CoLOS software solutions Management and Enterprise database
Markem-Image 4000 Series Drop-on-Demand Printers
4020 A simple and flexible solution delivering high print quality

The 4020’s patented and proven drop-on-demand valvejet technology allows for both impeccable coding and easy integration onto all manufacturing lines. Characterized by its compact size, the 4020 is ideal, from one side to multi-side case coding up to three shifts. Already well-known for its simplicity and flexibility, the 4020, with its new generation ‘Ink Efficient Printhead’, offers lower ink consumption.


4500 Intuitive carton coding for unmatched value

  • Simple installation and integration
  • Identify boxes with codes up to 45mm high. Delivering more than 39,000 coded cartons with just one 1L ink bottle
  • Clean plug and play consumable changeover in less than 30 seconds
  • Ideal for seasonal use due to ease of re start